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:: Spanish School for Backpackers::

Pay Purix Backpackers Hostel, offers you the opportunity to learn Spanish through basic courses in communication skills to achieve specific situations for backpackers who are traveling around Peru and South America. (wheter you are staying in Pay Purix Hostel or not)

The classes are tailored to travelers who want to continue their journey through Latin America. The study materials allow you the development of communication skills for understanding everyday situations specific for a trip such as the vocabulary used in hotels, restaurants, spatial and geographic location, etc..
This mode is designed to develop language skills in short periods the travelers being able to face communicative situations since the first classes.
We also help you how to recognize false dollars and soles.

Learn Spanish in a nice envionment, try it!!!

The following pictures give you an impression of our school,the way we teach you Spanish,the activities that are included or those that you can additionally undertake.
Also you will find information on different accommodation options,travel offers, special dates and more.
If you have any remarks or would like further information, please contact us to:

+(511) 4849118
+(511) 993788361



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PRICES are important to you, PAY is important to our teachers. Pay Purix Backpackers Hostel difference is our low overheads and costs. All classes are held from our hostal which means we have none of the operating costs of schools in The New Town - high rents, receptionists, cleaners, security etc etc. The bottom line is LOWER PRICES for the students and a good fair pay for our teachers.
Please note:

1.- Our Hostal helps us to keep prices down. If you are not staying with us (hostal or Homestay) please add 20% to these prices.

2.- We do not charge a registration/inscription fee. Prices include all materials - just bring a notebook and pen.

3.- Mini-Groups are maximum 4 students studying with one teacher - do not let any other school tell you that you can still learn effectively with 6 in a group!!

20 hours
40 hours
60 hours
80 hours
Mini Group

* each 20 hours takes between 4 and 7 days - it`s up to you!!

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